The Social Psychology of Interpersonal and Intergroup Relations

: Social psychology forms perhaps the most basic branch of psychology. It cannot be taught in just one semester and so all university departments in Greece where the subject is taught it is taught over at least two semesters. The course covers half of the basic subject matter of social psychology. It covers the topics concerning explanations for human behavior at an interpersonal and intergroup level. Students will be able to concentrate on studying human behavior in terms of the membership of the group and to acquire an understanding of the decisive role of intergroup relations in the definition of the self in society.
Course Aims: The aims of the course comprehend the following: A global view of the social psychology. An understanding of the central role played in our lives by interpersonal and intergroup relations. An examination of social phenomena in the light of one's membership of social groups. Ability to distinguish and choose a suitable interpretation of the many­sided nature of social life.

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