History of Women in Europe from 18th to 20th Centuries

Why do we study the history of women and what is meant by 'gender history'? The course introduces gender as an analytical category in European history and examines conceptions regarding the place of women in society and their role in the evolution of European history. The topics discussed during the course include the development of women's querellesup to the 18th century, the role of women during the French Revolution and the most important texts of the period relating to the position of woman , the views of the utopian socialists of the early years of the industrialization of European societies, women's organizations of the mid 19th century and demands for the vote, the role of women during the First World War and in revolutionary Russia, women's employment during the interwar period and their activity during the Second World War and the formation of the welfare state in accordance with views on the position of women in post-war society.

Compulsory Elective History
Modern and Contemporary European History
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