The Biology and Demography of Human Populations

The aim of the course is to acquaint students with the biology of man and the demography of a series of populations studied by anthropologists, such as the Ache, !Kung, Rendille and the Hutterites and to lead students to the study of the forces that shape the progress of such populations in space and over time.
Course outline:
Population structure and size of population: The examples of the Ache and the Dobe !Kung
Mortality and life expectancy among the Ache, !Kung, Bari, Agta, etc.
Fertility: Ache, !Kung, Rendille, Agta and in populations of natural fertility, such as Hutterites, Amish etc.
The Evolution of the Human Life Cycle
Factors in the study of demographic phenomena: The reproductive dynamic in man.
Reproductive success: Cheyenne war leaders. Mukogodo, Kipsigis
Nuptuality and polygyny: Dobe !Kung, Datoga, etc.
Kinship and demographic features. Ache, Yanomamo, Gambia, the Middle and Far East.
Longevity and Reproductive Ageing
Demography and microevolution. Dobe !Kung, Pingelap, Tristan da Cunha, Fiji.
Migration: The Case of Africans in the Americas.

Compulsory Elective Ethnology
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