Egypt under Muhammad Ali and His Successors (1801-1882)

The course examines the history of Egypt from the advent of Muhammad Ali in Egypt until the British conquest of the country. The main issues that the course analyzes is the personality of Muhammad Ali, his rise to power and the establishment by him of a personal dynasty, the policies implemented in the country and the new policy of external expansion, along with the major changes that these policies provoked in the Egyptian society.
The course aims to provide students with the knowledge of the historical changes that took place in Egypt, and more widely in the Eastern Mediterranean, at the time of Muhammad Ali and his successors, allowing them to become familiar with the political and social reality of the Near East in the 19th century and to be able to understand the processes of economic and political penetration of the Western imperialist powers in the Islamic regions of the Mediterranean until the establishment of a direct colonial rule.

Compulsory Elective History
History of the Islamic World
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