Introduction to the Science of Pedagogy

The course deals with development, object, area of enquiry and research in education.  Students will be introduced to the main concepts involved in the discipline of education, such as upbringing, acquired knowledge, education, training, autodidacticism, learning and training.  The course will also deal with and discuss such matters as autonomy, methodology and the various branches of the discipline of education.  An important matter for discussion will be interdisciplinarity, that is, the relationship between education and associated disciplines.  The course will present and critically discuss the object or objects of the discipline of education and the associated pedagogical research methods, involved a qualitative and quantitative approach.  Students will be able to discuss and consider questions associated with the foundation of the discipline of education and how it has developed in recent times,such as the ‘New Upbringing’ movement, ‘antiauthoritarian upbringing’, ‘a society without schools’, Marxist – critical pedagogy and ‘antipedagogy’.
The second part of the course will deal with the two basic factors involved in the process of teaching, that is, the educator and the student, on the one hand, and the agents of socialization and influence, on the other, that is to say, family, school, professional training schools and informal learning.  Finally, students will discuss current matters connected with the discipline of education at times of crisis.  They will, for example, look at education policy and the European Union, education for peace, intercultural education and minority education. 
The instructor holds a doctorate and the course teaching is funded by the National Strategic Reference Framework.

Free Elective
Academic year: 
Κάτοχος διδακτορικού με πρόγραμμα ΕΣΠΑ

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