The Anthropology of Education

The aim of the course is for the student to acquire an awareness of the need for an anthropological approach to the contemporary education process, particular at secondary level. The course commences by establishing the basic difference, which is mainly methodological, between the sociology of education and the anthropology of education. It also establishes the contexts of the educational process today, in international terms and in terms of education in Greece today (which includes the education of migrants, minority education and adult education, among other matters) and in particular in terms of secondary education in Greece. With this established, the student is then familiarized with the institutional context offered by secondary education in Greece for the conduct of limited research programmes as part of, among others, environment education programmes, cultural programmes, health education programmes and local history programmes. Among the fundamental conceptual tools for dealing with these issues are the concepts of identity and of otherness, cognitive models and the correlation between the educational process and the concept of culture.

Compulsory Elective Ethnology
Social and Cultural Anthropology
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